Tanjung, LombokInsider.com – A group of nature lovers took a real action by cleaning up Sira Indah beach area and releasing 30 baby turtles on Saturday, May 7.

“This event was dubbed as Ziarah Alam or Nature Pilgrimage and attended by hundreds of nature lovers, environmentalist and other activists from the West Nusa Tenggara province and was organized by Perhimpunan Penempuh Rimba Gunung dan Konservasi, Pawang Rinjani,” said Apink Alkaff, Leader of 2016 Nature Pilgrimage Contingent, in a press release.

Interestingly, the social action was also attended by Ihor Plastun Syrovatchengko, an environment activist from Ukraine who was conducting a research about environmental conservation in the province, added Apink.

The social action was started off with a series of agenda including the launch of Pawang Rinjani’s Daulat Pohon (Tree Sovereignty) conservation program that would be held on October 28, 2016. The launch of conservation program was marked with the presentation of an ancient axe by the patron of Pawang Rinjani, H Djohan Sjamsu, Regent of North Lombok, to Pilgrimage Leader, Apink Alkaff.

Included in the event were meeting, discussion, oration and information sharing about current environmental issues. “This event truly touches my heart. I believe that we can do more in protecting NTB environment,” said Ihor, Ukrainian environment activist in his speech.

Ihor also presented environmental destruction in his country that negatively affected the Ukrainians. The most notorious environmental damage was the Chernobyl tragedy. “In the near future, God willing, we will meet again to talk more seriously about environmental conservation here in West Nusa Tenggara,” said Ihor enthusiastically.

The same spirit was shared by Djohan Sjamsu. The founding father of North Lombok district said in his speech that he strongly opposed sand mining in North Lombok. “There were investors who came to me and expressed their interest in mining sand in North Lombok. But I strongly rejected the request,” said Djohan.

Students from many schools were actively involved in the event. ‘I profoundly thank all school environment groups who have participated in this event including Palasma (SMAN 1 Mataram), Sampala (SMAN 2 Mataram), Kalpa Saga (SMAN 3 Mataram), SMAN 5 Mataram, Wapala FH Unram, Rumah Singgah, Madrasah Aliyah Sunan Kali Jaga Tanjung scout, and all nature lovers groups,’’ said Apink. (LI/PR)

Djohan Syamsu handed ancient axe to Apink Alkaff to mark the launch of an environmental conservation program.

Djohan Syamsu handed ancient axe to Apink Alkaff to mark the launch of an environmental conservation program.

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