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What did travel writers say about Lombok?

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Many compared Lombok to Bali

Mataram, LombokInsider.com – Lombok is an emerging tourist destination and becoming more and more popular among travelers around the globe. Many travel writers have written abundant stories about Lombok on major global print and online publication and they have different evaluation about this resort island. It is interesting to know what they say about Lombok.
Lombok is the quieter side of Bali. Lombok is only a 20-minute hop from Bali, but it couldn’t be more different from its wildly overdeveloped sister island, wrote Eva Wiseman on her story published in The Guardian Travel The Observer, May 15, 2011 edition.

She started off her story by comparing Bali and Lombok. She critically described Bali as a bursting with too many foreign tourists, traffic jams block the streets, hotel complexes have been built over paddy fields, and visitors tweet about the pollution. She emphatically portrayed Lombok as a province that remains, if not untouched, then certainly unbruised.

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Over the years the island has been primed for tourism annually, but it’s only now, as plans for an international airport and a $600m project to put 10,000 luxury villas on Lombok’s southern coast take shape, that the industry is showing real growth – boutique hotels spread tastefully around the coast, she wrote. “……but it is Lombok’s modesty that locals hope will ensure that it doesn’t crumble under the weight of tourists,” she suggested.

Lombok, Indonesia: Bali without the crowds was a story penned by Michelle Jana Chan, a destination expert, on The Daily Telegraph

Prominent travel writers who wrote about Lombok. From left to right Brigid Delaney, Eva Wiseman and Michelle Jana Chan. Photos takes from their publications.

, February 13, 2012 edition. She wrote that above all else Lombok’s trump card is its wonderful coastline: wild surfing beaches in the south; sweeping bays and calm waters on the west coast and the Gili Islands in the northwest. In the past few years fast boats began operating between Bali and the Gili Islands, traversing the Lombok Channel in less than two hours and making access here much more straightforward.

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But the new airport should further boost visitor numbers as international flights draw in tourists from afar. Millions of people visit Bali each year seeking a beach paradise, but they may do better looking about 30 miles east, to the lesser-known island of Lombok.

A more recent story by Cain Nunns was published at the Guardian on its August 1, 2015 edition titled ‘Lombok bids to attract tourists – but keep the island green’. In his story Cain wrote that Lombok has long been tipped as the next big Indonesian destination.

There are also interesting quotes from his sources that says “My guests tell me Lombok is how Bali looked 20 years ago.” Also another quote says “Much of Bali is dominated by tourism: hotels, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and upmarket boutiques. Lombok doesn’t yet have this. It boasts pristine rainforests and a vast national park, and is surrounded by waters rich in diverse marine life. The potential for eco-tourism is huge.” (LI/KM)

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