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Lombok Will Now Make You Feel at Home

Burger King
Burger King

Mataram, LombokInsider.com – Lombok has been famous for its beautiful beaches, islands and mountain that attracted tourists from all over the world. Now tourism establishments in Lombok are growing rapidly to cater to more demanding tourists. Just in the last five years, modern star rated hotels and huge shopping malls have become available in Lombok making tourists feel at home here ever more.

Everything is Beautiful

Lombok has abundant natural beauties and charms ranging from white sandy beaches, idyllic small isles, staggering mount Rinjani with hundreds of waterfalls, to serene village lives with terraced rice fields. Lombok also has warm weather all year round making it perfect vacation choice during freezing winter in subtropical countries.

Easy to Get Around

Lombok is a small island with relatively good road infrastructure and adequate transportation choices. You can travel around the island in just a day for a short trip or two with more relaxed schedules. Taxis, buses and motorcycles are available for you to choose from. Walking or cycling is also easy in Lombok as the traffics are not as crowded as Bali or Bangkok. Lombok is also has good air connectivity to major cities in Indonesia, Singapore, Perth and Kuala Lumpur.

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Delicious Food

People usually like to try local foods during their initial days in a new place during traveling. Lombok has many hot and delicious meals ranging from chicken, beef to seafood. But if you miss the food or coffee that you usually have in your home towns, you don’t need to worry. Lombok now has three shopping malls where global food franchises have just opened their shops just recently with such names as Starbucks, Wendy’s, Burger King, XO Suki, etc. in addition to KFC, McDonald and Pizza Hut that have been operational earlier. There are also two cinemas in Mataram. Street food stalls serving Indonesian, Chinese and Western foods are open almost 24 hours so anytime you are hungry, you can conveniently get some food of your choice.

Friendly locals

The people of Lombok are friendly. They enjoy to greet visitors and to treat visitors warmly. They like to talk to visitors although not all speak English, but for sure, you can always find people able to speak English anywhere you go in the island.

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Compared to Bali or Bangkok, for sure Lombok is cheap. You can have cheap hotel, transport, meals and souvenirs in Lombok as it is not so touristic as those destinations. Star rated hotel room starts from $40. Airport taxi to your hotel in Mataram will cost you $15. You can watch movie for $4 for. You can have good food for only $2 or fantastic seafood for $15. And McDonald meal consisting chicken, France fries and soda is $5.

Just come to Lombok and prove it for yourself. I believe that you will feel at home here in Lombok.

beach at Gili Nanggu
Lombok has many beautiful beaches such as this one at Gili Nanggu



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