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Falling in Love with Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls in Lombok

Foreign tourists enjoying the beauty of Tiu Kelep waterfall

Part 2: Getting Wet and Astonished at Tiu Kelep Waterfall

KLU, LombokInsider.com – Although we were a bit skeptical when we were told that the trek from Sendang Gile to Tiu Kelep waterfall would only take fifteen minutes, we still decided to go and we believed it would be fun and interesting. And we found out that was the case.

At about 10 am we leaved for Tiu Sepit together with groups of other visitors mostly Indonesians from outside Lombok. The trek started with an ascending stairway for about 7 minutes with the final part was going up to a very steep and not too high metal stairway that took us to an erected irrigation channel column. We followed that irrigation channel for about 8 minutes until we arrived at an irrigation weir structure where the channel ended.

The following trek was through dense forest and crossed two sections of the same river. The water level in the river was about 50 cm and ran quite rapidly. We had put off our shoes and had to help each other to cross these river sections. And we got wet from toes to thighs.

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The next trip was along winding trek along the river bank. The most challenging parts were when we had to climb up and slip through big rocks. And the noise from a waterfall was already heard, making us more motivated to walk quicker.

Then we saw the waterfall about 200 meters in front of us. The mist of water filled their air clouding our vision and made us wet even more. We continued to move to get closer to the waterfall until we were only about 30 meters from the waterfall that we stopped. “Don’t go to the pound of the waterfall. Some people have died from drowning recently,” said Mr. Nafsiah, before we leaved Sendang Gile.

Flying Water

Some people went up to the pond and swam. We did not take any risk having two kids travelling with us. Some people enjoyed their packed meals. We enjoyed taking pictures then left the beautiful waterfall before we got totally wet.

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Crossing a river to get to Tiu Kelep waterfall
Crossing a river to get to Tiu Kelep waterfall
The best moment at Tiu Kelep with my family.
The best moment at Tiu Kelep with my family.

Literally Tiu Kelep means flying water in local Sasak language. This name might have been derived from the fact that water mist are flying from the waterfall together with pouring waters from the top and going down to the ground and river. So, next time you visit this waterfall, be prepared to get wet and ensure to bring your change. Children are not advisable to swim in the pond. (LI/KM)


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