Mataram, – The decision by the Indonesian government to provide visa free for short visit is believed to make Lombok more attractive to foreign tourists. “The visa free for short visit is very positive for Indonesia tourism industry in general and even so for the West Nusa Tenggara province,” said Lalu Mohamad Faozal, Head of West Nusa Tenggara Culture and Tourism Office in Mataram (2/5).

“The visa free for short visit policy definitely will be beneficial to the West Nusa Tenggara province that positions tourism as the second most important industry after agriculture. It is even more strategic because West Nusa Tenggara has become one of ten priority destinations of Indonesia,” said Faozal.

This new facility was

Bandara Internasional Lombok

Bandara Internasional Lombok

also received very enthusiastically by airline companies. “With the implementation of visa free for visit now visitors coming to Lombok are very happy because they experience easier access and do not need to stay on long line in immigration desk at the international arrival ,” said Supit Arif Barata, Branch Manager of Silk Air in Mataram.

“Many arriving visitors from overseas were surprised to know about this visa free facility when they arrived in Lombok International Airport on Monday, May 2, 2016,” said Supit.

The implementation of visa free for visit has proved to be successful in attracting more tourists to Lombok. “We directly enjoy the positive impact of visa free for visit. Usually our load factor was about 80% on our 150 seat aircraft. Now our load factor is almost always 100% with four times weekly flight schedule. Overseas tourists are mostly coming from Germany, Britain, Norway, Japan, South Korea and Singapore,” he added.

According to Presidential Decree Number 21 of 2016 about visa free for visit, there are 169 countries that are given visa free for visit facilities out of 195 countries in the world. The visa free for visit facility was meant to provide easier travel procedure for foreign visitors to Indonesia and also to increase foreign tourist visit to boost economic development in Indonesia

One of 2016 travel trends is that visitors demand for fewer barriers to travel. “With each year, the world gets even more connected. Cheap flights make weekend breaks in foreign destinations easier than ever, and smart translation apps are dissolving language barriers,” said Luby Fuggle, marketing specialist at Trekksoft. “2016 will also see an increase in international business travel due to globalisation and a rise in multinational organisations, alongside greater flexibility for travel during career breaks,” she added. (LI/AA)

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