LombokInsider.com – Ten tourist destinations in Indonesia attracted investors from the Saudi Arabia Kingdom following a briefing session given by Indonesia Tourism Ministry on Monday, May 2, 2016 in Jakarta, Taufan Rahmadi, member of Acceleration Team for 10 Priority Destinations at the Tourism Ministry office, said in a press statement.

Taufan added that Mr Maher Saleh Jamal, Chairman of Makkah Chamber of Commerce, expressed his astonishment with the potentials of Indonesia tourism. Mr Jamal was leading a team of 36 businesspersons from the Saudi Arabia Kingdom in a business visit to Indonesia to explore business opportunities in five main sectors namely agribusiness, tourism, infrastructure, construction and pharmacy. Mr Jamal is a prominent businessman with interests in property, IT intelligent system and tourism.

Mr Jamal was impressed with Indonesia tourism and wanted to soon visit Indonesia major tourist destinations. He dubbed Indonesia as Oasis of the Heart, said Taufan.

The visit by these prominent businesspersons demonstrated serious attention of HE King Salman who considered Indonesia not only as a close ally with the biggest moslem population, but also saw Indonesia as a target for better bilateral and mutually beneficial relationship improvement with the Kingdom, said Taufan.

The business meeting was officiated by Deputy of Investment Promotion of the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board, Mr Himawan Hariyoga. Also attending the meeting was Dr Alwi Shihab, Indonesia Special Envoy for Middle East. During the meeting, the chairman of 10 Priority Tourist Destinations Acceleration working group Mr Hiramsyah Sambudhy Thaib delivered a presentation about Indonesia tourism potentials and investment opportunities in tourism industry, said Taufan.

According to Mr Hiramsyah, tourism is a major industry for Indonesia. Currently Indonesia is developing ten priority tourist destination with their distinctive uniqueness. Indonesia is appealing to global visitors as it employs free visa on arrival, Taufan added.

Furthermore, Fly Emirates will soon start a direst flight to Lombok in the West Nusa Tenggara province. Lombok won both World Best Halal Destination and World Best Halal Honeymoon Destination in 2015. Indonesia also demonstrates strong commitment to ensure the development acceleration of 10 priority destinations and are prepared to help investors, said Taufan.

During this meeting, officials from the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board provided explanation about investment facilities in Indonesia and about the establishment of a special team to help investors from Saudi Arabia Kingdom doing their business in Indonesia, Taufan concluded. (LI/KM)

Saudi Arabia Kingdom Makkah Chamber of Commerce gave a token to Indonesian officials.

Saudi Arabia Kingdom Makkah Chamber of Commerce gave a token to Indonesian officials.

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