Sembalun is cool. Literally. It is located on the east foot of Mount Rinjani at an elevation of 1,156 m above sea level. While mount Rinjani stands at 3,726 m. So the temperature at Sembalun is around 17 degree Celsius. Much cooler than Mataram, the biggest city on the Lombok island which is around 32 degree Celsius.

Then taking your family for a trip to Sembalun and stay there for a night or two is really a cool idea. But it is not only about good temperature, there other things that the whole family members can enjoy together in Sembalun too.

I took my family to Sembalun during the new year’s eve this year. We drove from Mataram in the afternoon at about 4 pm and took about 4 hours including several stops. The road was not easy. It is recommended to go early in the day. Because travelling in a difficult road during the evening is always challenging.

It was dark when we checked in at Sembalun Agro Villa. We booked 2 rooms for 5 persons including my 5 year old son, 8 years old daughter, and 17 years old son.

The checking in process was easy. The rooms were clean and tidy. Hot running water was available too. Most importantly there was thick blanket in every bed. The hotel restaurant already closed so we got out to find some food in the village. After driving around for half an hour, we found a modest restaurant serving chicken and fish dishes. There were two other families eating in the restaurant.


No Strawberries, No Problem

We woke up very early. We did not want to miss the sun rise moment. We walked the road in front of the hotel and stopped at several nice spots to take pictures. When were done, we returned to the hotel to have a modest breakfast: fried rice and tea.

We then got ready for a drive around the resort. Our plan was to go to strawberry garden to let the kids pick strawberries. But we were told that January was not the right season for strawberry because there was big rain event almost everyday. People usually can pick strawberries and apples in Sembalun. But we missed that opportunity this time.

But it was not a problem. We still could find and buy strawberries from several farmers. It was good enough and cheap.

We did not go to the Mount Rinjani summit this time as we did not plan to. We checked out the hotel and drove back home. We made some stops along the way to spend some time enjoying the nice sceneries and took some pictures.

We plan to go back to Sembalun on the next holiday. As it is really cool. (LI/KM)


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