The West Nusa Tenggara (WNT) Tourism Promotion Board has more heavily adopted social media as their key promotion channel. Their latest move is to promote the new WNT’s tourism tagline Wonderful Lombok Sumbawa through Facebook aiming to get one million likes.
“So far our 1M Facebook likes campaign has gained 95,500 likes from Facebook users up until April 2014 only four months after this campaign was launched. We believe the likes will continue to grow,” said Taufan Rahmadi, Chairman WNT Tourism Promotion Board.
Taufan explained that they have been very successful in their previous social media campaigns. “In 2015, the West Nusa Tenggara province won two prestigious awards namely The World Best Halal Tourism Destination and The World Best Halal Honeymoon Destination in World Halal Travel Awards in Abu Dabi. These awards were very special because we competed against big names in international industry such as Malaysia and Thailand. This was partly was achieved due to the successful social media campaign in promoting the province as a halal destination,” said Taufan.
Taufan said, they previously also scored big success in promoting West Nusa Tenggara with their tagline Holiday is Lombok Sumbawa through various social media channels. “Now we are working with dozens of volunteers to boost our social media campaigns. This approach has shown positive results so far,” said Taufan.
Effective Strategies
The strategies being employed by the tourism board is smart and effective; and is supported by various studies about the impact of social media on tourism industry. In its June 27, 2012 edition Adweek published a study by the Four Pillars Hotels about the impact of social media within the hospitality industry. It concluded that social media has made a huge impact on essentially every major industry across the world, and the business of travel and hospitality has reaped the rewards perhaps as well as any other commercial venture. Travel and tourism depends heavily on the use of word-of-mouth to spread opinions and recommendations, and social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook allow customers to easily share tips and suggestions, which can be enormously valuable when positive. Some 92 percent of consumers said that they trusted earned media, which includes recommendations from friends and family members, more than any other form of advertising.
“Moreover, a recent study showed that more than half (52 percent) of respondents changed their travel plans after researching their trip using social media. A heady 85 percent of travelers use their smartphones whilst abroad, and 52 percent of Facebook users said that their friends’ holiday photos had inspired their vacation choice,” Shea Bennet, editor. (LI/KM)

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