Pemasangan tanda nama logam di Danau Segara Anak yang mengundang protes.

Mataram, –

As soon as photos of contractor’s workers installing a name post ‘Segara Anak Lake’ at the iconic lake in the Mount Rinjani surfaced in Facebook on Friday evening, barracks of criticisms were launched by netizens protesting this move by the Mount Rinjani National Park authority accusing them of being ignorant and naïve.

Among the first persons to quickly protest is Apink Alkaf, a journalist and environmentalist from Mataram. “Initially I thought this was just an hoax. But as I knew that it was true, it made me sick.  This is ridiculous and old fashioned branding approach that can damage Mount Rinjani,” said Apink in his news blog


Another netizen Arief Firmansyah did hide his anger in knowing this by creating a meme and emoticon on his Facebook account. “What do you make of it brothers? To me it is the biggest junks of rubbish in Mount Rinjani,” said Arief, Adventure Travel Chief at Shelter Indonesia.

Herwin Prabawananda, a netizen who lives in Denpasar Bali, took it to the next level. He created a petition on with a

A meme created by Arief Firmansyah on his Facebook account to ridicule the installation of name post at Lake Segara Anak.

A meme created by Arief Firmansyah on his Facebook account to ridicule the installation of name post at Lake Segara Anak.

subject ‘Save Our Mount Rinjani’ calling people to support his cause to stop the installation of name post. He further sent his petition to President Jokowi and Vice President Jusuf Kalla. So far 108 people have signed this petition.

Sigit Lelono, an editor with Lombok Post’s Radar Lombok and an environmental activist wrote on his Facebook’s page, ‘This is really damaging Mount Rinjani. Those who has this idea really does not understand the relationship between Mount Rinjani and the local wisdom of local people of Lombok’.


People also took this issue to Twitter. A hashtag #SaveRinjani was created. “I am very disappointed that the natural condition of Mount Rinjani is tarnished by this name post in Segara Anak Lake,” wrote @nasichtaufik.

The controversy will continue and we will look forward to hearing from the Mount Rinjani National Park authority.

Reporter/Editor: Kasan Mulyono

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