Mataram art zone

Traveling without buying presents, it will just make you feel incomplete. Sometime buying something special from exotic place like Lombok would be a perfect idea. Souvenirs from Lombok will be something timeless indicating that you had ever set your foot here on this charming island. There are some shopping destinations that are recommended to you.

Buying Songket at Sukarara Village

For textile products enthusiast, especially the handmade one, this village can be a reference for you. This village is located in the district of Jonggat, Central Lombok. It is a center of songket weaving in Lombok. Here the manufacturing process is still using traditional weaving tools. This is where uniqueness comes from and making songket from Sukarara became the most famous among textile enthusiasts.

Art Shops in Cakranegara

Cakranegara is the center for Lombok’s typical souvenirs, such as shirts, bags, key chains, weavings and many others. Here, most of the products are relatively cheap. This also makes the art shops are crowded every day. Here also you can see a typical snack of Lombok, like sweets and crackers. Don’t forget buy a lot of seaweed’s sweets, its taste is so nice.

Pearl Jewelry in Sekarbela

Sekarbela is a wel known place in Lombok. It is famous as the basis of Jewelery’s Shop. Pearls, gold and silver, all you need is available here. Sekarbela is not far from Mataram. So, if you arrive in this area, you can see pearl jewelry shops are lining across the street of Sultan Kaharudin. There are various things that you can choose, such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Most of jewelries here are ornamented with pearl. Yes, a typical of Lombok’s pearl.

Pottery in Banyumulek, Penunjak and Masbagik

These three regions are considered as the central of potteries in Lombok. Banyumulek located in the district of Kediri, West Lombok. Penunjak located in the district of West Praya, Central Lombok and Masbagik is in East Lombok. Each region has their own characteristics which is featuring the products. Craftsmens from Masbagik usually uses geometric motifs nock and sea shells as ornamen. Penunjak is famous with its Spouts potteries. While in Banyumulek, you can see various forms of pottery, such as a wok, pots and brazier.

Visiting Sade Village

Sade village is a tourist village located in the district of Pujut, Central Lombok. In this village you will see the traditional life of the community Sasak tribe. Their unique form of the house is the one that became a tourist attraction. Most of the women here live as a weaver. Here, the residents also use their traditional house as art shop, where women put their woven cloth together with other unique souvenirs of Lombok. If you lucky enough, the women will let you try their traditional weaving tools, to let you wonder how patient they are doing such a thing for all day long.

Art Shops Along Senggigi Street

Senggigi is not only famous by its beautiful beaches. But, it also famous as a shopping center for the tourist. Along the way of Senggigi street, you can see art shops that sells various local handicrafts. It seems that all of the items sold here came from all regions across Lombok. So you don’t need to travel a long way to East Lombok to find the typical pottery of Masbagik. This also a perfect place to enjoy the  beach as well as shopping at the same time.

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