This small and uninhabited island is just one of eight islands located on the western part of West Sumbawa district. It is very close to Poto Tano ferry port connecting Lombok and Sumbawa islands. This small island has become famous and attracted visitors both domestic and international.

Kenawa island is easily accessible by small boat from Poto Tano village. There are dozens 10-passenger boats operating from a jetty, taking visitors to Kenawa island in a 20-minute trip for about $30 round trip.

“There are many visitors coming from Lombok and from abroad. Many people from Jakarta and even from Malaysians visited Kenawa island recently,” said Muhammad Nur Hasan, local villager.

The island is quiet, beautiful and natural. No people live in the island except a couple who sell coffee. There are no hotels but only several wooden huts. People usually camp on this island for a night or two. Favorite recreational activities on the island include jogging, snorkeling and diving. Underwater attractions are tempting with reasonably preserved corral reefs and abundant fish and other creatures.

A tourism development company is now building tourist infrastructures in the neighboring Paserang island including five star standard 90-unit accommodation with sustainable development concept in mind.

With all these development, Gili Balu or Eight Islands resort will grow into a new tourist attraction that will compete with the 3 Gilis in north Lombok and the Moyo island in Sumbawa district.

In addition to this, the district of West Sumbawa also has beautiful beaches such as Maluk, Sekongkang and Tropical beaches; challenging surfing spots such as Scar Reef, Super Suck and Yoyo. The district also has beautiful lake Lebo Taliwang that has not fully developed for tourism. A new attraction in the district is an aero sport park in Mantar hill (LI/KM).

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